Pillars of Light Wellness Centre
Rebecca Burton Intuitive Psychic Reader/Healer
"Unique gifts that speak to your soul"

Liberating people from old pattern systems

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Certified Hypnotherapist 1 hr                      $200.00

Soul Coaching with Higher Knowledge          $200.00

Energetic Clearing 1 hr                                 $100.00

Past Life and Multidimensional Regression    $200.00

Tarot Reading 45 minutes                         $100.00

Mediumship 30 minutes                            $75.00

Tarot Reading 30 minutes                         $75.00

Energetic and Physical Body Readings         $100.00

Dream Interpretation                                 $100.00

                                    Deep Level Meditation Clearing                  $200.00             

Starseed and Light Worker Course                   $450.00    

One on One Life Coaching                                 $200.00 

Webinars/Conference                                        TBA 

Available for Group Events                        Priced by group size

Meditation Classes                                            $200.00

Psychic/Mediumship Training                            $200.00