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Liberating people from old pattern systems


Today as I scroll through my Facebook page I am shocked and saddened by the types of posts I am seeing. We are all hurt and upset at what happened on November 13th in Paris, but what upsets me even more is the response of my friends and family. The anger and rejection I see is not what I expected. We are all ONE. You are me and I am you. We cannot allow ISIS to put fear or anger into our hearts and minds. ISIS would like for us to all turn our backs on the refugees from Syria that need our help. Better yet they would like for you to feed their hatred with violent attacks on innocent people. If we turn our back and allow anger and fear to control us then the Muslim people who are cut off from their homeland and facing a force of hatred and fear here in our Country will have no choice but to turn to the dark forces of ISIS for protection. By feeding into that fear and hatred we harm ourselves. All people no matter what colour there skin is deserves to have a warm bed, food in their stomachs and a safe place to live. I wonder what is it that causes such fear to take hold. Yes people can be deplorable and what ISIS does is nothing short of evil but do not let their evil into your heart. If these refugees were your family would you want anyone to hurt them or close the borders because they are allowing unwarranted fear and hatred to decide their fate? Open your hearts and eyes to the truth. We must allow these refugees a safe haven.


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Own your own actions

Posted on 4 October, 2017 at 11:30 Comments comments (1)

First, lets start this by asking what is spiritual awakening? I've come to understand that spiritual awakening means you realize what is real. Not just what your five senses; sight, touch, sound, taste and smell have told you is real but your extra senses as well. We have a subtle world operating all around us that if you quiet yourself long enough, you can be a part of and move about within it. I believe we all have spiritual awareness everyday, but for some it doesn't stick to create that awakening we are yerning to experience. True, some move around in this world completely distracted by its sounds, sights and colours. Never looking in to see the deeper meaning behind everything we experience. All things, and I mean ALL things, have a deeper meaning behind them. From what we would consider the most insignificant situation, to the most profound. I live in the subtle world everyday. Using my spiritual gifts to experience it. I think of my gifts like a muscle that I use, that others like me use. We can all excercise this muscle, if we so choose, and believe me the things I know, feel and understand are absolutely incredible. Some days I feel like a superhero. "Why bother?" Some may ask. Well, armed with that extra knowledge, spiritual awakening can help you navigate in the world we live in today. Over the years, I have found that my spiritual awakeness has assisted me in many difficult situations. I have been able to recover from tragedy quicker, and manifest changes in the experiences I have had that are not necessarily what I would deem desirable. We are not the victims we think we are. All things can be changed and become lessons and opportunities for growth. Yes, things happen that we wish would not happen. It is your examination of the situation which makes you awake or asleep. I would like to master my own responses to feel calm within the storm. I am not there yet, but I do work on it and that is all we can do. Finding peace within, is how we find peace without. People will hurt us intentionally and unintentionally, but that is all a part of our lesson plan. It comes down to the ego. The ego serves its purpose, and we all have one, but do you want to let your ego rule or do you want to be the observer instead. Do not beat yourself up when your ego takes charge. Instead remember that you are the one who controls you, so acknowledge the ego and move on. So you exploded at someone who made you mad or they hurt you so you hurt them in reaction. This is a part of what we are as humans. It is not necessary to punish yourself forever for being human. This is a common experience for a lot of us. It serves nothing if you are always criticizing yourself or others. Learn to let it go. A very hard and easy thing to do. Guilt is a difficult feeling to navigate, but it is self inflicted and serves no one. We will make mistakes, but it is all a part of your growth. There are techniques we can use such as, meditation, visualiztion to recreate how you would have rather reacted. The secret is that what you imagine in your mind, is enough to make it better in what you perceive is your reality. We are in charge of our lives and now is a time of awakening. If you haven't noticed yet, we are being called to wake up and be accountable for our thoughts, feelings and actions. It is my belief that 2017- 2020 is a mass spiritual movement and awakening. Those of us who do not become responsible and integral in our own experience will be forced to do so, by situations and experiences that will make us look inside for a deeper reason for why we have a loss of people, wealth, health etc. I don't know about you, but I would rather ride the wave of change then to try and fight the wave and drown or become overwhelmed. So what do we do next? There is a magnitude of information out there. I like to go simple. Start by watching the Secret. It is a movie that you can find very easily and has been watched by millions of people. I remember when this movie first came out, it was still online only. You couldn't get it on DVD yet. I made all my family watch it with me and then I bought it and still watch it annually. If i'm having a run of "bad luck" or "misfortune" I plug it in and shift my thinking. We are so much more then we think we are. Our thoughts are what we need to master. Be a person you can be proud of. Inside and out. It all starts with your thoughts. What do you think about the people around you? Do you see the divine gods and goddesses around you as just that? Or do you judge them on things like what they look like, or what they drive, or where they live? We are all divine, and we need to remember that we are Spirit. We are all here having a human experience, and not the other way around. Divne light. Be the person you wish others to be. Find your divine light and shine. Namaste.

Amazing Experience!!!!

Posted on 3 August, 2016 at 15:45 Comments comments (0)

I had an increadable weekend! The people who came to support me were awesome. The most heart lead people I have ever spent time with. We all felt an amazing shift in consciousness and because it was such a wonderful experience I'm going to do it again! November 11-13 at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott 407 North Front street Belleville ON. Holistic Health & Wellness Psychic Fair Event. It is open to the public so you are invited to join us. Namaste <3


Fort Mac Fires

Posted on 10 May, 2016 at 14:30 Comments comments (0)

So greatful that only 10% of Fort Mac was lost, but my heart goes out to those of you who lost your homes and jobs because of the fire. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who are suffering this great loss. As the city gets back on its feet we will continue to support our fellow Canadians through prayer and financial means for as long as is needed. Stay strong everyone. Proud to be Canadian!

Light and Love