Rebecca Burton Intuitive Psychic/Medium 


127 Princess Street Kingston ON 613-546-8271 


Liberating people from old pattern systems

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Energetic Clearing


Have your energy field cleared and energy increased through conscious thought energy. Rebecca has been certified in Reiki for 25 years and has helped with the healing of her granddaughter. Her granddaughter was born at 24 weeks 3 days justation a mere 1lb 3oz. She stayed in the hospital for four months (until her due date). While in the hospital Rebecca performed Reiki (energetic healing) on her granddaughter daily. As a result her granddaughter was released from the N.I.C.U. with no health concerns. She was at extreme risk for lung diease, and heart concerns and the doctors are shocked that her little granddaughter (now 5) has no health issues.  

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