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Customer Testimonials

A few years ago we discovered we were pregnant with our first child. Shortly into the pregnancy things took a bad turn and complications arose. It was too early to tell through ultrasound exactly what was happening so I turned to Rebecca. Through an energy reading she was able to tell me that my son had major issues with his heart and stomach. She could also see an excess of fluid behind his head which the doctors identified as a cystic hygroma. They said there was very little possibility that it would diminish in size but rather that it would continue to grow. Rebecca performed multiple sessions of psychic surgery on me, determined to see this disappear. A week later I went in for a follow up ultrasound and the doctors were astounded to see that the hygroma was gone. The baby was large enough now to see his other complications and Rebecca's readings were confirmed. She was able to tell me everything that was wrong with my baby before even technology could see it. Without her warning I don't think I would have been able to sit in that hospital room and learn of the horrible things that were happening there. My son was not meant to suffer in this World and passed away shortly after, but it was a huge comfort to have such a skilled woman by my side to guide me through it all. I would highly recommend her to anyone facing loss or the unknown."

Jessica -Alberta

Glad I went there. Friendly and Easy going. I had a powerful/emotional reading from Intuitive Psychic, Rebecca Burton. It made me think about my current environment/situations. After I got the reading by Rebecca, I crashed with serious thinking. Decided to buy Psychic books: purpose is for me to know myself more. Thanks as I enjoyed being there today (July 29, 2016 Psychic Fair)

Erika Stebbings -Belleville ON

Rebecca is one of the best energy readers I've seen & I know many, being in the metaphysical field. Her readings are precise, clear, & amazingly accurate. Spoken in a way I understand. I always feel empowered & enlightened after a session with Rebecca.

Jordanna DeHond- Havelock Ontario

WOW.........I just had the most amazing accurate reading from Rebecca!! You are such a beautiful kind gentle Soul :) It was extremely reassuring that you confirmed what I have been intuitively feeling. A BIG Thank You as well for your guidance to help me and my children so we can continue to flourish with respect to our own spiritual journeys. I am Grateful that you have been sent on my path :) Countless Bowdowns to you and your Guides...Love, Light and many Blessings,

Nat Belair- Ottawa

Okay so here's the deal, if you are looking for an absolutely amazing medium for guidance, look no further. Seriously. You need to stop looking and book some time with Rebecca. Now.

OMG. She is so gifted and skilled. My reading with her this week was nothing short of incredible. She's kind and thoughtful in how she provides her guidance,  and sees things that are ridiculously accurate, it's amazing. I had such a sense of peace and clarity by the time our session ended. So much more confidence in the future and understanding of what is going on. A truly beautiful spirit with awesome psychic abilities!

Erin LeBlanc- Kingston ON

I went to the psychic fair in Kingston and had a reading with 3 different psychics. Rebecca was the last one I went to. She was by far the best one out of the 3 readings I got! Her gift is so amazing. She knew things that no one could just make up. She is the real deal so if you are looking for a great psychic book with Rebecca! You won't regret it.

Candice- Kingston Ontario

Hi Rebecca, I had a reading with you Friday night in Kingston. It was very good! I listened to my reading again afterwards. It surprised me how accurately you picked up on my situation. It helped me to see things more clearly and realize what I need to focus on. I would definitely get a reading from you again!

Karen Bone- Kingston Ontario

Hey Rebecca! Liz from the expo. Thanks again for such a lovely reading! I am craving more!

Liz Stefanyi- Ontario

Wow! I'm blown away! That was amazing. I feel moved, inspired, and even more curious. Thank you Rebecca! What a warm experience!

Kingston Psychic Fair

Excellent reading, helped me answer questions about my previous life and current life. Confirmed my belief in higher powers and helped me understand more!!

Lori- London Ontario Psychic Fair

Wow. Excellent and accurate and just what I needed to hear. Very specific, helped guide me into the path I need to g! Thank you.

Sara- London Ontario Psychic Fair

Amazing! Very accurate and so so helpful and powerful. Will keep in touch for sure.

London Ontario Psychic Fair

All I can say is wow! She knew things no one knows. Great reading!

Kingston Psychic Fair

Excellent reading. Very accurate, answered many questions that were left unanswered. I will definitely keep in touch.

Ashley W- Ontario

Enlightening and inspirational . I and my family will see you again.

George, Gabriel, Alexandrea, and Liz xoxo- Oshawa ON

Amazing reading, connected to me so well! She was extremely helpful in helping me to understand who I am and brought clarity to many things in different areas of my life. Highly recommended! Thank you so much!!

Amber- London ON

Amazing reading! Spot on with so many things and a definite recommendation!! I would recommend the full 45 minutes as a means to fully immerse yourself in the experience and results of it!

Ciara- London ON

Thank you so much for my reading today. It was enlightening and confirmed a lot for me. I am excited about my transition. Thank you so much! Pleasure meeting you and I hope our paths cross again.